Storage Security FAQs


Secure Storage is something we strive towards, and with all 4 of our StorMart Storage Facilities fitted with security systems, we can assure your items are safe.

How do you ensure secure storage?

Our state-of-the-art entry system allows you to access the bay for your unit only. This makes sure those who do not have a code, will not be able to enter the roller doors.

What if I need to park next to the roller doors? Will they close on my car?

If you are spending all day in the centre, moving under the roller doors, the sensors will know you are there and will not close.

However, if you place something under the roller door or infront of the sensor for a prolonged period, it will register a security breach and the door may come down unexpectedly.

How do you enter the facility?

During your signup, you are given a pin code which you use to enter. It usually goes like this:

  • Pin in your 6 digit code
  • The gate will slide open
  • Your bay’s roller door will come up
  • Walk in to access your unit

When you exit, make sure you pin out

What happens if you accidentally tail someone out of the facility?

The bay doors have an auto close feature after a period of no activity to make sure dust doesn’t come through the building.

You will still be registered in the system as being onsite.

Why do I have to pin out? I can just follow the person in front of me!

We try to make sure our customers are aware this is a security issue because (for example) if there is a fire alarm, we need to make sure everyone is out of the building- we will be looking for the person who didn’t pin out or tail gated their way out.

Do you have security cameras?

Yes, all of our sites’ footage are monitored on and off site and can be recorded if there are any security concerns or possibility of unsavoury behaviour/activities.

They help staff:

  • Ensure the safety of customers
  • Ensure customers are using the facility in a safe and appropriate way
  • View and correct maintenance issues ASAP
  • Return items that have been left behind 

Security Cameras also help our centres deal with:

  • Monitoring the storage centre
  • Reducing possibility of crime
  • Aid to police investigations
  • Tending to medical emergencies quickly

I don’t want to be recorded when I’m using my storage unit

Only common areas and external areas are monitored so you will not be recorded when you are using your unit.


If you have any other questions about security, feel free to email so we can post more FAQs!

We pride ourselves of being a safe and secure storage company.

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