Space for Entertaining

With the festive season coming up, inviting people over is a breeze with maximising your space for entertaining.

Be the ultimate host with these useful tips...


Thorough Cleaning

Nothing could be easier than making sure your home is clutter free! Square up your piles of books or magazines, make good use of over-head storage and try and keep as much as you can off the floor and out of the way.

Ventilation & Lights

With lots of guests, a Queensland Christmas lunch can turn festive party guests into a bunch of sweaty grumps in minutes. Have fans going and your doors and windows open. This will also let in natural light, but for night time options, use fairy lights and low-heat emitting lanterns.

Flow of guests

There is something simple yet crucial about how you enter a room and what obstacles lie between the door and your main entertaining area. Make sure chairs are tucked in and furniture isn't jutting out to disrupt the traffic in the living areas. Think about opening your yard or garage for people to go through if that's an option

Cloak Room

If you have limited space, allocate a bedroom near the door to be a cloak room for the event. Have an empty rack for rain coats and umbrellas and use a shelf or a bed to rest bags. This will enable your guests to move freely and ensure things don't get left on chairs and under tables.

Bench Buffet

No room for a long table? No worries! Use your new-found guest traffic knowledge to create a bench buffet!

Simple Decor 

To totally minimise your space, use items needed for your event in a decorative way! Pile your lemon wedges in a shallow, wide bowl with rosemary circling it like a wreath, or decorate the remaining space on your cake stand with flowers and garnishes.