Post Holiday Blues

It was nice while it lasted, spending the sunny days at the coast, and the long, warm nights with our loved ones, it is all coming to an end. Some of you may have been lucky enough to travel over the holiday season which may result in particularly acute cases of Post Holiday Blues.

At StorMart, we have come up with some great cures for this terrible condition:

Take yourself to another fantasy land

It may not be as good as Straddie or the Swiss Alps but sometimes picking up a novel or playing a game with the kids is a good distraction from what lies ahead.


Get straight back in to it

If you're a focused individual who was told to take leave this year, maybe holidays aren't really your thing! Your quartley bills are almost here so giddyup!


Leave your kids at your parents'

Let them know that you're extremely overwhelmed (the trip to Sirromet was too short), and you would like to give them more time to bond with the munchkins (Scooting back to get a case of that great Pinot) ;)


Get cooking

Reminisce those delicious meals you've indulged on with your best impression and hey presto! Its like you're there!


Go Back

If your cooking skills don't cut it, to heck with it, go back! Jetstar always have Deals and Cheap Flights to fuel your midnight getaway, or chose to sneak off with AirBnB