Packing Tips for Christmas Trips

What to bring:

  • Choose the items you’d like to take, place them on a flat surface. Choose wisely as not to over pack, remember, you carry as much as you pack!
  • Jeans don’t need to be washed frequently so they are your travel friend. Darker washes can also be dressed up for night-wear
  • Underwear – always pack 1 extra pair (just in case)
  • Toiletry bags are always a good idea to separate your bits and pieces and protect your luggage from leaks
  • Here is a handy packing list which is quite extensive

Arrange your clothes:

  • Place your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase
  • Make sure your shoes are clean or put them in a bag or shower cap
  • Stuff your shoes full of socks and other small items of clothing (do not put gifts and breakables in there: remember, shoes are for your feet)
  • Roll as much as you can: fold in half length-ways then roll tightly from the bottom – this minimises the space used and wrinkles formed over your trip
  • Fold your more delicate items on top of your rolled items
  • Utilise the corners and stuff them with chargers & belts
  • Place your folded jeans or sweaters on top to secure your items and minimise movement during your transit


If you need a visual guide, this video has some excellent animations


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