Organise your Kitchen Cupboards

1. Remove everything

Take out all of your plates, cups, pots & pans and put them on the table. From here, stack everything neatly so oddly fitting items won't take up unnecessary space in your cupboards. 

2. Clean

Wipe away all of the built up dust from your items and the cupboards. Putting down some non-slip mats is also a good idea to prevent scratches in your drawers and cupboards.

Get them here

3. Replace the necessities

Sort a keep pile and chuck pile, this will make sure you dont put back everything you've just taken out. Check to see if you have full sets of plates/cups and remove anything that you've been "meaning to fix". Make your cupboards more functional by arranging the daily used items to the front and maximise your space by using these great racks and shelves:

Get them here, here and here

4. Throw away or donate

With everything you've taken out, separate them again into donate piles and garbage piles. Box them up and put them in the garage. Do not let them in your kitchen again! Now you should have an efficient and organised kitchen!