Living Green

Caring about our envionment is easier than you think with these top tips!

Replace your lightbulb with energy efficient ones

This is a really quick and easy way to reduce your electricity bill. Make sure to dispose of your old lightbulbs safely!

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Buying eco-conscious products or making your own natural cleaners is a great way to keep chemicals out of your home and even cheaper than store-bought products!

Buy organic products here or look through cleaning recipes here

 Replace old electricals

Old heaters and whitegoods can chew up power and make your electricity bill sky rocket. Opt for a new, better star-rated machine before your 10 year-old washing machine breaks down!

Incorporate water-saving plants in your garden

Using natives around your garden is great since there is almost no watering involved! Beautiful wattles, banksias and kangaroo paws can really add to your flower display.

Use natural pesticides or none at all

For fear of mosquitos, simply plant citrus trees, rosemary or any other strong-scented herb around your boundary. For plant diseases and pests, you can find ingredients to make your own at almost any grocery store! Check out some natural remedies here.

Cut down on shower time

Try to have cooler, shorter showers to save water and your back pocket. You can also keep a bucket in your shower to use for watering plants.