We have a range of commercial storage options in Brisbane

There are many reasons to call upon a storage facility for your commercial storage needs. After doing the calculations you will find that this is a very cost-effective option, rather than taking up large amounts of warehouse storage space. Speak to our experts today for well-informed advice about how we can help you and we may be able to provide you with discount prices for your storage needs in Brisbane.

The importance of insurance

It is a fact of life that things can happen out of your control. Natural disasters, theft and fires cost people thousands of dollars destroying their valuable property. This is why having proper insurance is essential when dealing with a storage facility. Speak with us today about our insurance options that cover both personal and commercial storage at our facilities in Brisbane.

Our options

This insurance information only applies to residential customers. Commercial customers will be quoted separately by the insurer. Prices as at 01.07.2013. These are subject to change.


Sum Insured To 3 Months To 6 Months To 9 Months To 12 Months
$15,000 $57 $75 $98 $120
$20,000 $60 $90 $121 $156
$25,000 $66 $105 $145 $190
$30,000 $75 $121 $173 $217
$35,000 $82 $138 $190 $251
$40,000 $90 $156 $220 $285
$50,000 $105 $188 $268 $345