How to Pack your Storage Unit

To maximise the use of your storage unit, these tips and tricks can be used to make sure you get the most out of the space you have.

Utilise the space under and on top of your tables

Stock your crates underneath and stack your boxes on top to make use of the vertical volume of your storage unit. Even turn your table upside down and store your goods within the table!

Use furniture blankets (they are your friends)


To protect the feet of your furniture, furniture blankets are fantastic and provide layer for stacking or to make sure you can squeeze that bookshelf between that table and bed frame with no scratches! Buy them here

Leave the liquids out of your unit

To prevent leaks and spills, make sure any liquids (and especially chemicals) are left, used or thrown out before you pack! They may spoil your other belongings as well.

Make sure your heavy items are in the bottom boxes

If all of your boxes are the same size or not labelled correctly, it can be difficult to make sure your heavy items are at the bottom and don't crush your lighter, more delicate items. Our linen boxes and book and wine boxes are fantastic for your bulky things. Buy them here

Keep your furniture free of dust and moisture

A sure way of protecting your belongings are these furniture covers. These are also handy if you plan on storing things on top and won't leave dints or impressions on your upholstery! We have the best deals on merchandise; buy them here

Don't forget to put the items you use the most at the front


It's easy to get caught up when you're in the zone of packing and unpacking, but it really pays off when you save that time of walking through your box maze, peeping into boxes!