Garden DIYs


Garden DIYs


Make the most of your garden with these DIY ideas

Milk Crate Planters

Milk crates can be found anywhere and everywhere and most times, for free!

Simply line the crates and layer your soil to start. Great for small balconies and easy to stack too.

Bed Edging

Use some large stones, bricks or wooden stakes to create small, easy to access areas for your plants.

It is a great use of old materials that are hard to repurpose.

Pipe Planters

PVC piping is cheap and the perfect size for hangers or edging.

Cut your pipes in half or cut holes in them to add flowers or herbs into your garden.

Remember the drainage holes!

Raised Cladding Garden

If you can find some leftover sheet metal,

this is a great way to raise your garden so your back doesn't need to work too hard!

Besser Bed

Use besser blocks to create garden beds, and use them on their sides to separate your plants!

Lay down some mesh or even some carboard then start building your creative, upright garden

Tyre Planters

Give old tyres a new lease on life by inserting pieces of plywood with drainage holes or meshing.

Be creative with shapes or stack to make a wall or terraced garden